"I had a bunch of VHS workout tapes that I wanted to use, but I needed them on DVD. They were able to convert these for me and now I can use my favorite videos again."

Shari A.
Shamong, NJ

Video to DVD Transfer

R3 Consulting Offers Video to DVD Transfer/Conversion

Those piles of old tapes that are collecting dust on the shelf are no fun if you can’t watch them!  Transferring or converting your “old” VHS media to current DVD media is the best way to keep sharing those memories for generations to come.  Plus, all media starts to degrade over time, so it is important to transfer to dvd as soon as possible.  Read below for more info and the benefits of transferring to dvd.

Problems with VHS / S-VHS / VHS-C
  • Quality deteriorates over time as well as each time it is played.
  • You may not even have a VCR connected. Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) from Comcast and FIOS are becoming more popular and replacing the old fashioned VCR.
  • It is difficult to know what is on the tape. In addition, you must fast forward and/or rewind to get to a specific scene, which in turn causes the tape to deteriorate.
  • VHS-C requires an adaptor to convert it to your VCR player.

Problems with Mini-DV / Hi-8
  • Unless you have an expensive standalone Mini-DV or HI-8 player, you must connect your Mini-DV/Hi-8 camcorder to your TV in order to watch it.
  • This is still on digital tape, which has the tendency to break.

Benefits of Transferring to DVD
  • DVDs can hold approximately 2 hours of video on 1 DVD.
  • Menu and sub-menu system available for easy navigation.
  • Chapter points can be added to quickly skip through different scenes.
  • DVD playback will not deteriorate.
  • You can copy your DVD unlimited times easily with your own DVD burner.
  • Custom covers and Menu system available.
  • Hi Quality Inkjet Printable DVD Media.

8mm/16mm Film Reel
We offer this service through a third party vendor with whom we have partnered.  At this time, R3 Consulting does not have the equipment to digitize Film Reels on site in our NJ office. We will however facilitate and coordinate the shipping of the tapes for you to our partner (U.S. Based) who will digitize the film and send back to us to complete the process which will ensure the final product is up to the R3 Consulting standard of excellence.