" My husband and I just downsized and had a lifetime of photos digitized by R3 Consulting.  R3 was very professional from start to end.  Jen kept in touch with us every step of the way via email.  We got our discs and a bound booklet with thumbprint images of all the photos within a matter of days. The cost was extremely reasonable but the space we gained back in our house – Priceless! "

Paula G.
Philadelphia, PA


Bulk Photo Scanning

Preserve Your Photos with our Bulk Photo Scanning Services

R3  Consulting can take all of your old photos and slides that are in boxes, drawers, albums, carousels, and digitize those memories onto a 24k gold archival grade disc so they will be preserved and protected. Many people do not realize that their old media has a set lifespan and has most likely already started to degrade. Digitizing your photo and slides is not only a good project for viewing and sharing these memories on social media websites, but is extremely important to ensure your photos are restored, preserved, and protected for generations to come. During our photo  scanning process our software does a great job correcting faded color and restoring photos back to the way they were originally. Below you will see some examples of photos that have already gone through the R3 Consulting digitization process, as well as other reasons why digitizing your media is important.

Why scan photos and slides?

Photos and Slides Fade

Even color photos that are stored in ideal conditions will fade over time. Although the primary cause of fading is from light exposure, another main cause is simply the way the photo was developed. The material used to create the photo has a limited lifespan and will start to fade.

Photos Change Color

Reddish or Yellowish Tint ? Older photos were created using a specific process that created a chemical reaction to produce the photo on the paper. This chemical reaction is not permanent and the photo starts to break down and lose its color over time. The most common reaction is a yellow haze or a reddish haze that develops over the photo. Our scanning process utilizes software that attempts to correct for this problem, thus bringing back the natural color of the photo in digital form.

Scratch and Dust Removal

Slides are particularly easy to scratch and always have some amount of dust on them. At R3 Consulting, our scanning equipment uses state of the art Infrared Sensor technology during the scan process to assist in removing minor dust and scratches from the final image.


Most people store their photos and slides in boxes or albums in their house. Unfortunately this leaves your precious photos and slides subject to possible fire, water or smoke damage, animals, pets, theft, or simply misplacing them. Scanning them to digital format allows you to have all your photos and slides on an archival grade dvd that you can keep in a safety deposit box or make a copy to keep at an alternate location. Having them on your computer you can then incorporate them into your normal backup procedures.


Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are making it easier than ever to share your photos with friends and family. Scanning your photos and slides lets you share those precious memories easily and quickly. Once digital, you can also use services from shutterfly or mixbook to create custom photo books, calendars, or other memorabilia that makes great gifts and keepsakes. R3 Consulting can also help prepare a memorable digital slideshow to music with the photos and/or slides to help you share special times with friends and family.


Once your photos and slides are digitized, you can order or burn your own additional copies and give them to family members as wonderful gifts. For families that have multiple children, digitizing your photos allows you to provide each family member with their own copy of their family media.

Save Yourself Time

Unfortunately, scanning in photos using a flatbed scanner can take minutes per photo. On average people have in excess of over 3000 photos. This could take months to get scanned in. We utilize a state of the art bulk photo scanner from Kodak for scanning in your photos quickly and safely, as well as a flatbed scanner for extremely small, fragile, or larger photos.