Our Equipment

We have invested in state of the art photo scanning equipment, such as the Kodak PS80 Picture Saver, which is specifically designed by Kodak for archiving your photos. Kodak’s system was designed to handle every photo with extra-gentle care, and includes the Kodak Perfect Touch Technology to enhance newer pictures and restore older ones by reversing the fade and improving contrast and color balance.

Looking to convert a unique photo, such as an antique too delicate to run through a machine? We also have a high-quality A3 flatbed scanner from Kodak for very small or large photos (up to 11x17), or photos that are extremely fragile.

We utilize the Powerslide 5000 from PacificImage Electronics to provide extremely high quality slide scans.  Most other companies still use older slide scanner equipment that is outdated and discontinued. The Powerslide 5000 is a new model that was recently released.  It utilizes a state of the art Infrared Sensor to detect and remove minor dust and scratches, now standard in the slide scanning industry.  

The MAM-A 24 Kt. Gold Archive Grade DVD-R provides longevity and durability far in excess of conventional silver DVD-Rs. Perfect for preserving your irreplaceable photos, video, and data documents. MAM-A Gold DVD-R discs have a life expectancy rating in excess of 100 years, ideal for archival use.  Read More Info On MAM-A Discs.