"We have used R3 Computer Support Services several times when computer issues have occured in our home. Rob is one of the most professional business owners that we have done business with in many years. He is reliable, trustworthy, efficient, and has a fabulous worth ethic. Rob immediately returns phone calls, and gets the job done!!! We highly recommend Rob, as he is not only a superior worker, but also a wonderful person.

Kathy P.


Computer Services

Family-owned Computer and PC Repair Services

R3 Consulting LLC, located in Jonesborough, TN, provides computer support services at the same level as larger support companies but with personalized service and competitive pricing only offered by smaller customer service oriented companies.

Computer Maintenance & Support

When your computer starts to be problematic, R3 Consulting is the company to turn to. Our technicians are CompTIA A+ Certified and they are ready to get your computer back up and running as soon as possible. We understand how important it is to not be without your computer! We offer Remote Support, Onsite, and Offsite repair. R3 Consulting handles all of your computer maintenance, repair, and support needs. We can upgrade your computer hardware, such as CD/DVD Drives, Memory (Ram), Hard Drives, Peripherals (Printers/Scanners). Our most popular service is Virus Removal. There are thousands of viruses released to the internet daily, and sometimes the antivirus solutions are a step behind and viruses can slip through. R3 Consultinng is able to remove most viruses using virus removal tools, and if the infection was too severe, we can backup and reinstall windows.

Network Configuration

With more devices becoming internet enabled, the home network has become more complex. R3 Consulting will help setup your home network properly and securely. For example, printers are now wireless enabled allowing you to put them in a more convenient location. However, setting up these wireless devices can sometimes get complicated. R3 Consulting is there to make this process painless!

Data Backup, Recovery & HD Eraser

Unfortunately, hard drives fail all the time, and it is important to ensure you have a Data Backup plan in place. If you do not, R3 Consulting is able to help you configure a plan to ensure your data is safe and secure in the event of a hard drive failure. In the event of a hard drive failure or system crash, many times the data is still on the hard drive even if the operating system is no longer working. If the hard drive itself isn t physically damaged, R3 Consulting is able to use specialized recovery tools to reconstruct the data and in most cases recover data that was thought to be lost or deleted. Many people decide to donate or recycle their older computers when they replace them with newer models. Many people do not realize that their hard drive has sensitive personal data that should first be securely wiped or destroyed prior to donating or recycling. R3 Consulting uses specialized tools to securely wipe your drive, ensuring that no one can retrieve your data. We will also handle e-recycling your electronics for you. Computers and electronics have parts in them that should not be disposed of in the normal methods and needs to be disposed of properly through an e-recycling program.

Remote Support

This is a valuable service offered by R3 Consulting LLC. We have software that allows us to remotely log in to your computer to quickly assess the problem and quite possibly resolve the issue. If the remote fix is an option, this is a time effective solution for the client as it decreases the inconvenience of having to take the computer off site to resolve the issue.

Pricing (Labor)

  • Computer Repair (On-Site)
    $100/hr (1 hr minimum)
  • Computer Repair (Client Dropoff)   
    $100 / Flat Fee
  • Computer Repair (R3 Consulting Pickup/Dropoff)
    $175 / Flat Fee
  • Computer Remote Support
    $40 - $75 / Flat Fee