About Us

About R3 Consulting:  Personalized Computer Repair and Digital Imaging Services

Consulting is a family-owned and operated business by Jen and Rob, who are brother, sister, and best friends. We are not a conglomerate or a Fortune 500 business. We are a local company that has the desire to offer personal and quality service to our clients, who often become our friends as well.

The Home Computer Support Division of R3 Consulting was created as an answer to Rob’s question “why do companies charge so much to fix a computer, resolve an issue, or provide poor advice?” Rob was frustrated at the lack of customer service and quality results from these companies in the marketplace. He knew he could provide that personalized service that people want at prices that people would be happy with. As Rob always says, everybody needs a computer guy and Rob loves being that guy!

The Media Services Division of R3 Consulting was formed when both Jen and Rob didn’t know what to do with the boxes and boxes of photos and slides that they had from their childhood and their parent’s childhood. How do we split them up? How do we preserve them? Scanning them one by one would take years, and not to mention an attention span and major free time for that type of project which neither of us had. We uncovered bulk photo scanning businesses that digitize your photos/slides, but, they were all far away, expensive, and impersonal. We saw a chance to apply our business knowledge and utilize our deep appreciation and understanding of customer service, so we embarked on this as a business. Now, it is so gratifying when we can digitize people’s memories (in a stress free way) and ensure that they will be preserved and enjoyed for years to come.


Rob Richman is the co-owner and president of R3 Consulting LLC. He graduated in 2001 from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with a dual degree in Business Administration and Economics.  He previously held the position of Director of IT services at Leon L. Levy and Associates.  He is Comptia A+ Certified, and his extensive technical knowledge and dedication is the perfect complement to his calming energy and level headed personality as he responds to the many computer distress calls that he gets! He resides in Jonesborough, TN.


Jen Richman is the co-owner and vice president of digital media for R3 Consulting LLC. She graduated in 1996 from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania with a dual degree in Communications and Political Science.  She brings to R3 Consulting many years of experience from the world of advertising and marketing, where she held positions as Director of Marketing for Chanel and Manager of Marketing Services at Bobbi Brown Essentials, a division of Estee Lauder Corporation.  When she’s not working, you can often find her partaking in one of her crazy fitness classes!  She, too, resides in Jonesborough, TN.